Thursday, February 23, 2012

The Tall Tale of John Titor

Short video from last month of a new problem/boulder....

The Tall Tale of John Titor on the Fighting Diamondbacks Boulder is located out in the eastern Isolated Boulders. A fun problem with some interesting movements, just the right height, and some great patina in the upper section. The other problems on the boulder are worthy as well.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Potential

There's been an area I've been scoping out on some maps recently...looked like it could hold some decent potential...So I headed out with Clay on Monday for an exploration mission...we were not disappointed.

Heading in...first spot

Gem with a back-breaker spike

nice OW in the corner, and a couple harder seam/face options

Anti-lith Boulder...left arete will be stellar too

roadside - 2nd spot

roadside bigboy

Heading up the gully - 3rd spot

fuzzy pic of a wild arete

lurking roadside

A good day of scoping to be sure, and it seems there is alot more hiding in the hills, as we only scoped the most obvious. Hoping to be back that way soon, though a touch of melt off would be nice...


Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Snowy Sunday in the Desert

A snowy, but fun Sunday.

Clay, Ari and I swung over Belgrade, nabbed Ron, and headed out to the Desert Lot to meet up with Rose and Emily, and come up with a game plan. A bit more snow than I anticipated, but we made do by checking out some potential and newly established problems near the Sour Grapes.

Despite the snow, we ended up scoping and climbing a handful of fun new problems as well as checking out a couple new ones established last year by Mark McAlpine and friends. Fun stuff and great additions to the area.  Photos courtesy of Emily Stifler

Rose on Ghost Train 

Ari on Pantless Hobo

TK on Pantless Hobo

Rose on the Caboose

TK on the Caboose 

Rose on the Chinese Mr. Potato Head Boulder

Lazy V represent!

Saturday, February 11, 2012

A few in an area that Dwight missed--the few, not the area...

Crack climbs:

Boulder problems:

Notice the "Butte Ice" in the 5th photo down :-)

edit: the last problem shown is a stem to the rail--dyno to the top, then mantle

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Druthers and beyond

The sun continues to shine in February. Odenbeck and I met up with Clay, Ari, Ron and Fruh who were camped out and exploring. We headed down to the Druthers to work the Blue Boulder Proj (Burl!)...I was hollering into the woods for the late arrival of Honz...when none other then Dockins strolled up. "Taking his pad for a walk"

We did a walk-about of the Druthers and then headed to a new section about 5 minutes east of the main Druthers to explore. We climbed about 7 things out there, but we didn't end up taking any pictures. We then head back to meet up with Clay, Ron and Honz who were working the CBCT Boulder...rounding out the day working a brutal arete project.

Blue Boulder Beta

Blue Boulder

Blue Boulder. photo: Odenbeck

Blue Boulder. photo: Odenbeck

Dockins on the CBCT Arete Project

Ari on the CBCT Arete Project
Rose and the new addition to the Lazy V Bar

Fun weekend to be sure, and psyched to get back out, as usual.  Clay also recently put in a killer addition at the Lazy V. The pillar adds quite a bit of depth to the climbing, and makes for some really fun climbing! Anti-lith training! 


Monday, February 6, 2012

Send Success !!!!1111

4 days of work and 70 "goes" at this steep dihedral and Ladd tops it out for the prize!

Ladd Hutchinson FA: "Dad, I Did It" (V1); Dad Hutchinson FA sds: "Ladd, I Sit It" (V1-)

His diploma for Elementary Crack Climbing is in the mail...

Friday, February 3, 2012

Some pics from Whitmore

A few shots from this winter to get you psyched for the weekend.....

Left proj below the Chopping Block

Highball in the 13-14s

Trailside sds - upper isos

Highlife Arete - Upper Isos