Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Wall tents, Trailers, RVs, Kegs, Dogs, Guns, Bonfires....and probably some bouldering

A few weeks back a number of hearty folks ignored the weather forecast and headed out for Dom's 4th(?) annual Birthday bash.  This year was it was held back on a much bumpier road than I remember, accessing the upper reaches of Superbia.  Since the forecast wasn't great, we planning on exploring adjacent areas and celebrating...thankfully it wasn't too bad so we were able to get some climbing in too.

new finds...

Spiritual Adviser Boulder

Pleiades Drive Subarus

Spiritual Thief

Spiritual Adviser

Unnamed Dom Problem

Dom on another new one...


The next morning, feeling a bit worse for wear, we switched to coffee and headed down into the boulders...

Sam and I knocked out a couple problems on the Superbia Boulder, but I felt much smoother doing laps on it the evening prior...

Jeremy Champion did a great job getting these all of these upper pics, check out more @  http://jeremychampionphoto.com/

Odenbeck showed up to our sorry state, and quickly abandoned the group in search of boulders...continuing deeper into where we scratched at the day before...he quickly found many worthy objectives...


Compression prow

Birdbeak Blind
Steampunk Traverse. 25+ moves!
A few weeks later I headed out for Odenbecks bday bash.  Once again the weather wasn't looking too hot, but we went for it. I got a great walking tour of some of the new potential, along with some extended exploring. Overall it seems like there is still a great amount hidden in these woods.

The snow came and went and we had a fun evening celebrating in the Phoenix and Aristocrat.  The next morning while skies were still somewhat clear, we headed out on another walkabout. We were not disappointed, finding a nice grouping of high quality boulders. One struck us right away, and we set to work with limited time. Patrick quickly climbed the most striking line on the boulder, dubbing it the Namazu Arete.  An amazing addition to an exciting new zone - a fitting birthday find to be sure.