Thursday, November 20, 2008

Up Against the Divide

Took a Tuesday morning drive to the Divide to catch some late season action and scope some new areas. Hiked up to the Continental Divide due west of the Bourbon Zone. Found some interesting boulders and cragging potential. The kind of stuff I like: tall, proud, and in the woods away from the roads.

Images to the left are of a nice flared fingers crack. I of course opted for the onsight boulder style while Pete and Zana took laps on a mini-traxion. As Pete said on first pulling the lower crux "I can't believe he made that move". Confidence is strong.

All together we put up 10 new problems ranging from V1-V4.

Fun tips....I took one nice fall from the finish...."I am a Cat"-V3

Pete on a nice little OW. We put in 4 nice problems on this boulder.

Zana doing one of 3 slab boulder problems on this piece of stone.

Monday, November 17, 2008

Pushing the Seasonal Envelope

Winter snow is still holding back on the Continental Divide, so we ventured out. Once again, Levi came over from Missoula with Dean, and my old friend Travis. I was psyched that Twilly linked up with those two, and it was really cool to meet and climb with Dean, and once again with Levi and Travis.

We had a pretty large group, and everyone was excited. The temperature was crisp and optimal for sending. After a short walking tour, we decided to base our morning near the Jubilee Boulder. We built a fire to relax by and warm up next to, and soon everyone was climbing, wandering, spotting, chilling...and the energy beam grew wide and the session developed and split. As many as 3 or 4 problems being tried at was great to see, and it continued throughout the day....

Pipe Bum

Then AWhit snags the center line...

Levi on the FA of [i]Palm Aid[/i]

I then talk the group to move towards the Gordo Boulder to work a overhanging hands/fingers crack and a OW...

They kindly offer me first crack at it...

and I'm slapped down...a session quickly ensues...

Dean gets through the awkwardness to the good jams above. Great send Dean!

Attention shifts to the OW...


I was super psyched that Whitmore sent too. Nice Andrew!

project on the backside of Gordo

It was dark when we walked out...another great day in the Batholith...I'd like to say I'll be back there next weekend, but the fortune cookie says different...

So the lady and I are loading up the pop trailer and heading to Indian Creek to meet up with the brother...maybe I'll see you there?



Have You Seen This Man?

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Church or bouldering on a Sunday?

When Molly said, "I'd like to go bouldering today", I immediately dropped everything and started stuffing pads in the Suby--sure, I had house painting to do, but dam, SHE wanted to go, so how could I not oblige?

Warming up.

A few nice short ones on this pebble.

There's cracks in them thar hills.

This one was more my style.

Lyddie getting into the top-out fun.

Ladd doing the padless thing.

Dream flake.

Mo's first scary high-ball (glory shot).

THE quintessential butt-shot.

Great day on the stone with the family--trying to get out as much as possible before the snow flies.

Maybe the title should be "Church and/in bouldering", hehe.