Monday, June 28, 2010

June offwidths

While the brotherman was back in Bozeman for a stint, we managed to get on some terrific OWs...including some new ones.

A few weeks back we headed out to the mile 3 boulders and found a captivating overhanging OW splitter...Pat dispatched that day in fine style.

FA of Cloven Hoof

This last weekend we returned with Trevor and we were greeted by sporadic rains on Friday...we made due and Trevor put up a nice vertical struggle.

The trailer was out, so we chilled and waited for a better tomorrow...the next day we were awoken to blue skies and excited cows...bacon and coffee powered us up for a day of exploring.

We first hit up a spot scoped by Hutch a couple weeks back at the spillway, another great OW find. Nice stuff Kev!

Two side by side overhanging OWs...we were psyched!

Sweet Leaf

Sweat Loaf

We then headed out for an extended walkabout on ridges near the CD...lots of nice ridge traversing and some interesting potential...all in all a great time while the bro was back. Hope to see more of him this summer.


Thursday, June 17, 2010

Thats a highball.

Here's a photo of Kyler sending a tall one in the Lower Isos this past Saturday. V5ish start to a heady top-out.

Aaron Thrasher (photo credit)

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Extended Iso coverage

A great weekend out in the Boulder Batholith! The brotherman returned from his desert stint, ready to see some of the new offerings of the Boulder Batholith. We headed to the Isolates and were greeted by Clay and crew, as well as Andrew, Zana, and a large psyched group ready to sample the granite offerings.

Highlights include new problems, group ascents of a new invert, a session the knob overhang project(wicked hard!) and a massive highball went down (seeing three proud sends). Overall a great day out among the boulders with a fun group...awesome to see so many folks out enjoying the stone, and craving more.

Japanese Depression

Heart Stump Crack

We returned to the Boulder Batholith on Sunday as well...a fun day out at the Mile 3 Boulders, this nicely featured overhang was a highlight...

That's all for now...more to come as per usual.


Monday, June 14, 2010

Symbiotic Flesh Tour through the Isos

A beautiful break in the weather to the west got a good crew together for a trip to the Isolateds. Brought along a few climbers to help crush some fine granite. An inadvertent late night at the Eagles had me waking in pain and bile. Luckily some pork and potatoes were served up and the world was back to at least near vertical.

We welcomed Pat back and shoved him into the closest invert that could be found.

Pat amplying skills on "??"
Patrick Kingsbury cleaning up nicely

Chicken Wings and Beer....FKNA Good!
Patrick Kingsbury Chicken Wing

Pat busting out the send
Patrick Topping out


Through rest of the day many things got sent and few photos were taken. On the way out after "the rabbit incident" (good thing we're in Montana) we came across a little boulder that Zana and I had sussed out a month ago. I assured everyone that the crack was mere 5.11 and I had sent it repeatedly. I had sent it multiple times....but turns out it might not be an .11. Good end of the day sess' insued.

Ramos steppin' up and sending Heart Stump Crack V5 sds
Peter Ramos sends Painted Lady Crack

Whit summoning the send at the end of the day
Whit Magro on Painted Lady Crack

Delmoe spillway days

The kids and I were on a mission to retrieve a crash pad--and though we got it, we missed the folks (Clay and Co.) that had it. While driving to meet up with Tom and crew, we got distracted in the Delmoe Lake area and found our own fun:-)

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Get psyched!

Alpine Bouldering

An image from last September that I came across today...

More here



Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Back at it...

A successful holiday weekend was had...back under the Big Sky with sporadic spring showers.

Saturday I blasted out to the Boulder Batholith with Guy and Robin, who was back visiting for a stint....currently he is making sure climbing hardware is safe over at BD...doing that smart engineering work...pretty cool to hear about for sure. Sounds like a great place for Robin, and I'm glad he's continuing to 'live the dream'.

We dropped by the Homestake Lodge to see Chris and show Guy around the area a bit. The weather was a bit worse up top on the pass, but I wanted to give Guy and Robin a tour of the Northern Bourbons...This is where the upcoming outdoor bouldering festival/competition will be held. Yes, you read that right...mark your calenders...AUGUST 14th @ the Homestake Lodge...a day filled with bouldering, music, community, competition, and more, all to benefit the SMCC....more details to come soon...Just have to say we're super psyched to see this coming together and hopefully this can work out to be an annual event!

After the tour of the Northern Bourbons, we headed out for a drive along Delmoe Lake Rd...chasing sun pockets and giving Guy a roadside tour of the different areas...hoping to find some dry rock...We stopped to check out a couple roadside problems close to the lake(~.5 mile or so), an obvious overhang and a tall roadside cube slab with a Doug fir draping its branches over the top out...but it also has an obvious traverse cutting up and right across the roadside face, as well as some cool options on the other aspects...the branches helped shield the rock from the moisture, and we worked the traverse a bit...I also found a Franklin bouldering brush under the to say these obvious roadsides have been checked out before...perhaps even recently...anyone missing a brush?

Well, we finally decided on the Anomalies, as it mainly faces south, and things looked like they were clearing had been awhile since I had been there, and it was cool to go back and work some problems. Grungeskull was mostly wet, but the rear extension(proper start waiting to be done) was workable. Amazingly I figured it out and linked it into the original start first go!...crazy how something that seemed so beyond me a few years back is now somewhat straight forward...psyched to go back and link it's a shot of it from a few years back.

Guy and Robin ticked off the classics, gave a couple of the strange roofs a go...we also worked the long roof traverse, which is working out to be a great problem...good fun, then the rain came back through...

Two more days of climbing followed...nice to be back out on the stone. Hope y'all are getting out as well.