Monday, June 28, 2010

June offwidths

While the brotherman was back in Bozeman for a stint, we managed to get on some terrific OWs...including some new ones.

A few weeks back we headed out to the mile 3 boulders and found a captivating overhanging OW splitter...Pat dispatched that day in fine style.

FA of Cloven Hoof

This last weekend we returned with Trevor and we were greeted by sporadic rains on Friday...we made due and Trevor put up a nice vertical struggle.

The trailer was out, so we chilled and waited for a better tomorrow...the next day we were awoken to blue skies and excited cows...bacon and coffee powered us up for a day of exploring.

We first hit up a spot scoped by Hutch a couple weeks back at the spillway, another great OW find. Nice stuff Kev!

Two side by side overhanging OWs...we were psyched!

Sweet Leaf

Sweat Loaf

We then headed out for an extended walkabout on ridges near the CD...lots of nice ridge traversing and some interesting potential...all in all a great time while the bro was back. Hope to see more of him this summer.


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edejom said...

Glad to see that you found that pebble--I didn't adjust for "slacker" time and left 15 minutes before you fellers arrived there.

I'll have to give them a go next time passin' thru there:-)