Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Saved Wedge Register Pages



Kurt Krueger found these dilapidated pages from the top of the Wedge (Humbug Spires, MT) in the decrepid old register. Water-soaked and torn, he handed them to me saying, "Here, new Butte guy, I guess these now go to you."

Notice names: Dwight Bishop (RIP), Kurt Krueger, Fred Donich, Lance Fisher (RIP), and the date of Orrin's and my ascent...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Powerline Revisit

Ben was jonesin' to get back on the stone--with the rising temps and sunshine being the main draw to Spring bouldering. I wanted to re-explore one "zone in the making" to see what else lurked in the fair Klettergarden atop Homestake.

Ben warming up on the first climb of the day

Me, humping another arete

Sending a tall one

Same boulder as prior, the thinner line

Pimpin' the crimpin'

Power lay-backing by the tall guy

Deciding how best to tackle the hand-crack roof problem

Finishing up the day on a super-classic double finger-crack pebble

This area lies in between two previously established "mini-zones"--making up a new, large Zone accessed from different roads/points.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

The Batholith hits the Big Time

Our very own Mr. Tom Kingsbury
has attained the status of slide show
presenter--support him in his cause
and come out and see his (and others)
photos of the extended crew in action at
the one and only Boulder Batholith!!!!1111

Monday, March 22, 2010

Kevin's new OW invert

Great day out exploring new stone on Saturday. Always interesting what you find...the Boulder Batholith seems to give and give, and the more I wander, the more I want to see...

After wrapping things up on the Bowling Pin Arete, we stumbled over to this overhanging flair...starting on the low tooth, Kevin quickly sent and I also gave it a lap. A short shuffle to some nice Butte holds for the pivot...though the finish has a good amount of blue collar to it. The extended start should bump it up a notch...hands go quickly to off fists/stacks, making you want to invert before the tooth...should prove to be interesting.

You can see the extended start in the background

This invert now bumps the list(Invert OW Boulder Problems of the Boulder Batholith) to over 50...perhaps it's time to revisit that list...a fingers or hands list could be interesting too...or aretes, dihedrals, projects...thoughts?

Hope y'all are enjoying the spring melt.


Another Zone in the Making

Tom and Ron cruised over to the 'Lith on Saturday, and wanting to avoid the droves of ATV'ers at the Desert, they chose to explore an area that I had previously perused. Lyddie, Ladd, and I met up with them to play on the pebbles...

Tom starting out the day on a gem

Same stone, arete variation

Me, humping a new arete climb for all its worth

Tom, gaining a new high-point on the arete

Ron, sending the arete in fine form

Tom in flight

Tom cleaning flakes on a possible project

Warm temps with mostly dry ground and new stones made this day quite successful.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Post Paddy's Pebble Pullin'--and weekend WARNING

The day after Saint Patrick's in Butte left Dustin, Shannon, Molly and myself a bit fuzzy and clouded--we decided that bouldering in the sun of the Pipestone area would be the cure for our hang-overs. We picked up Ladd after school and headed off fo a few hours. Dustin and Shannon brought their three dogs, so I figured that the Trailer Boulders would be the secluded spot with a nice flat, trail-approach. My success of the day came after I finally sent "The Aristocrat"--Molly had similar feelings of jubilation when she completed the tri-fecta of problems on the Warm-Up Boulder:-)

Sorry no photos, I thought Mo had grabbed the camera and was mistaken:-(


There is going to be an ATV/ORV benefit/poker run in the Four-Corners/Tracks locale in the Pipestone Area--expect CROWDS and congested roads/trails!!!!1111

edit: There are plenty of other dry climbing options/area in the Batholith--inquire within:-)


Wednesday, March 17, 2010

March in the Desert

I Was able to get out this past Sunday to give a tour of the Desert and the Druthers to two stoked individuals. A great day indeed, though the camera didn't come out that often.

A couple snaps

Mastodon Slab

Ron's Crack

A new slab put up back in January by Levi, Dean and Andrew(I think?)...starts above the BLM crack. Really fun!

Hope y'all are getting out and enjoying the sun!


Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Saturday, March 6, 2010

March hare madness

A day near 60 degrees lured us out this early March to crawl amongst the stones.

Tom riding the rock

Ladd getting horizontal

The "real" problem of the day--Tom sussing the holds and trying to rock onto his foot

The seriousness of the "pit"

Different angle

Ron crimping hard to the top--and success...

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Trailer Boulders

Nice weather, new stone, bouldering under a bright moon, and a ton of psych led to a great weekend.



The breakfast of champions

The Aristocrat

This thing looks kinda like the Popes...

The forecast looks great and the snow is melting fast...maybe I'll see you out there?