Thursday, December 31, 2009

Last visit of '09?

Stopped by the desert under a full moon to capture the moment, whilst the kiddos asleep in the mojedemobile.

Full moon fever:-)

Product endorsement

Self-timer capture.

Monday, December 28, 2009

December in the Benchlands

It can be hard around the winter solstice, the days are short and the motivation can be low....but the last few weeks have warmed up and a nice group of folks have come out and experienced the joy of the Boulder Batholith.

a new find...

a week later...

Classy sees a repeat

A new one


Benchlands and Birthdays

Over the past few weekends, the dry climate of the Eastern Bathoith has allowed us to take numerous trips into the Benchlands, to further explore and develop. Here are the best of my shots from the sessions. Happy Birthday, Tom!

Tom worming up a weird one...

Travis on "Occam's Razor"

T-Willy, again, on a new send

Dylan, visiting with the 'Zoo crew, on an area favorite, "Duke of Burl"

Levi trying to link the "Duke" with "Sally"

Pat and Tom, exploring the nooks and crannies finding new Wide

Ron, flashing a new one

Levi, sussin' and sending the testpiece of the area

Dylan throwing the long gaston under watchful eyes of the crew

It's been a busy start to the Benchlands Winter "season"--let's see what will transpire in cold temps.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bear vs Bull

In 1895 at Columbia Gardens, a bear battled a bull to the death. A gory example of the ruggedness of Butte. It seems only fitting that this town would have such a plethora of wide, rugged climbing.

Bear vs. Bull

until the next one...

Tap 'er light!