Monday, November 3, 2014

New Finds for the Fall

Project on the incredible Barely Illegal Boulder - Lower Dryads

Despite the lack of posts we have been busy this Fall developing an area we have dubbed the Cooridor and Lower Dryads.  The Coordior is an are that we have avoided  in the past.  Thinking that there was little to nothing in there boy were we wrong.  The basically the Corridor connects the Namazu and Lower Isos areas to the Dryads.  With this connection you can successfully tour all the way from the Desert to the Dryads with less than a 5 minute walk between each major area.  First up some new finds in the Lower Dryads.

Seeing Spots in the Lower Dryads

Tom sending Child's Play - Lower Dryads

Broken Blade Boulder - beautiful stone much like the Superb Boulder in Superbia but a terrible landing

Margin of Air - Broken Blade Boulder - Lower Dryads

A really big scary looking block

Double Decker Dolmen - Lower Dryads
Barely Illegal Arete - Lower Dryads

Tom on Barely Illegal Arete

Tom giving the super awesome and techy Sweet Tart a go

Sweet Tart - Barely Illegal Boulder - Lower Dryads

More on Sweet Tart

Here are some things I found on the first scoping mission into the Corridor.  I made a couple FAs but was solo so no climbing shots.  When we went out this weekend it started raining right when we got to the goods but everyone seemed pretty impressed.

We were calling this the One in a Million Boulder because of the incredible patinas it has and that being a rarity in the Batholith

Celtic Hand a very nice bear hug tech combo

Really sweet crack problem - this one is for Tom

Another shot of the One in a Million Boulder

Burly looking overhang

A couple nice tall blocks

Nice eyebrows on the Hardly Illegal Boulder
Inversion in the Lith