Tuesday, April 21, 2009


Going mobile....look for updates from the field

Monday, April 13, 2009

Northern Aspens

Easter Sunday in the Boulder Batholith...fun in the sun.

Ron, Max and I met up with Kevin out in the Northern Aspens...which consequently really doesn't have many aspens...but it is north of the Aspens zone...It was yet another scoped but not yet climbed area. Kevin and the family spent the morning out there, so when we arrived Mojede gave us a tour of what he'd done so far and showed us the stuff that looked good to him. I was happily surprised at the amount of options, Kevin left us to do our thing and he went to go do the Easter thing...

Max on the FUPA Crack

After a bit of walking around, we figured we should mess around on this stuff...

Max on the FA of Off to the Races

Ron on another new line(not sure what he named this one

The roof crack turned out to be a bit contrived...still fun to mess around on though

The bottom has more kitty litter than we'd like, but it's still unique and still a project...

Ron on Nomadic Chronicles

I then took the fellas to this thing..but it was still wet...so we did a bit of prepping and called it a day...

Hope y'all are getting out too!


Dragon's Back April 11, 2009

Yo dudes. Haven't talked to any of you guys in a while, the home crags have been taking to much attention. Checking the Batholith Blog got me stoked for the weekend and I convinced my girlfriend (very easily) to climb the Dragon's Back. A low commitment day with easy climbing sounded enjoyable to me as well. We decide to get on Proboscis since it gets lots of stars and turned out to be a nice easy jaunt up the spine. We then climbed and top-roped some lines on the decent. Hope you guys are dong well. Cheers.

Some pics

Anna dancin' up the Dragon's Back

Anna surfing a rail on Adrenaline Pumper

Top-roping Slipperman

A nice looking wall just west of the Dragon's Back

Monday, April 6, 2009

The Benchlands

Another beautiful Sunday out in the Benchlands...as it's becoming known...

This time I rounded up Adam, Rose, Ron, Forest and the dogs to check out the area. Only Ron had been here previously. I like going out with different folks and wandering around. Different eyes and ideas usually lead to problem discoveries that perhaps wouldn't have considered. There is usually alot of excitement and fun...and this day didn't disappoint...

Duke of Burl

Marbled Rye


Then we messed around on this hanging nose thing, which turns out is really hard to mantle...

eventually we started trying other methods...this sequence of Ron is probably the high point and one of the funnier attempts

Lock your feet and sit up!

feels like you're about to fly off the front!

cracking up during my attempt...

Forest on the FA of Golgi Body

the send train in action..

heading home...