Monday, April 13, 2009

Dragon's Back April 11, 2009

Yo dudes. Haven't talked to any of you guys in a while, the home crags have been taking to much attention. Checking the Batholith Blog got me stoked for the weekend and I convinced my girlfriend (very easily) to climb the Dragon's Back. A low commitment day with easy climbing sounded enjoyable to me as well. We decide to get on Proboscis since it gets lots of stars and turned out to be a nice easy jaunt up the spine. We then climbed and top-roped some lines on the decent. Hope you guys are dong well. Cheers.

Some pics

Anna dancin' up the Dragon's Back

Anna surfing a rail on Adrenaline Pumper

Top-roping Slipperman

A nice looking wall just west of the Dragon's Back


TKingsbury said...

Nice Dean! Glad to see you're getting out!

The last picture of that wall...nice potential over there, and a couple established lines(Firewater Chimney etc), but there is some stuff that NEEDS to be done there soon...

Hit me up, maybe some climbing this weekend?

Unknown said...

Yo Tom. I might have to actually start working this weekend. Bummer. But sunday may be possible. If you have time during the week give me a shout. I'd like to meet up at the Batholith soon, I forgot how good it is.