Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Unraveling the Labyrinth

For the past couple of years I have been wondering- sometimes aimlessly- through the Batholith. I first visited the area in 2005 and was blown away- it reminded me of Red Feather Lakes back in CO, except 10 times bigger. I could not believe that there was so much rock and I had heard nothing about these endless fields of boulders- except what was over in Whiskey Gulch. I clearly remember the first day I went up the pass drove toward Delmoe Lake spied some blocks of the side of the road and put up 10 or more quality problems. Was I dreaming? No I was not... and I guess it can be summed up in this phrase- "Patrick you are not in Colorado anymore..."
I have since learned that simultaneously Tom and others were putting up problems sometimes feet away from some of the same areas I was working on and others had been bouldering in area years ago but neglected to record much- needless to say it is a big place with even bigger potential. First ascents are pretty much guaranteed every time you go and/or bring a problem of old into the limelight.
Here are a couple visual excerpts of some of the things my friends and I have found over the years some you might recognize.
Yours truly on Fade Away

Kevin Brumbach digging some Solace

Aaron Burford Scooping It Out

Even though the snow is slaying Bridger, recently my psych for the Batholith has increased exponentially. Tom and are going to start working together to actually get some more of these places recorded- and attempt to bring some more of the Batholith bouldering out of obscurity. I thought I'd throw a couple shots in from a session in the Trailers 2 weeks ago as well.
Pat Wolfe on Tearjerker
Tom on an Airstream Project
Stay tuned for more...

Monday, March 28, 2011

Trailers, spring, injury and new authors

A beautiful Saturday out in the Trailer Boulders...t-shirt weather for the majority. Kalah and I headed out with a late day start and still managed a good session, a testament to the longer days.

Much of the day was spent exploring new boulders and problems...and coming to terms that I need to chill out if I'm ever going to heal. For the last 3 months both of my middle fingers have been pretty trashed...stubbornness, the Lazy V Bar and continual weekend sessions has left little time for me to heal. I am currently popping MSM and glucosamine in hopes of speeding up the process, and trying to take it easy on the fingers...hopefully I can shift focus to mapping and cross-training(exploring) long enough to heal...but spring is a tough time to try and chill...any other supplements I should be taking?!

I'm also very happy to announce we're adding 2 new authors to the blog. Patrick Odenbeck has been exploring, climbing and developing in the Boulder Batholith for the past 6 years or so. It's great to find another individual out there exploring the vastness of the Boulder Batholith and very cool to find that we have been exploring some of the same areas...psyched to have Patrick on the blog and to combine forces for greater knowledge of the area.

Clay Adams is also joining the blog once we work out a couple hitches. Clay has been joining us on Batholith missions for the last couple years, as well heading out on his own. Clay has been particularly active in the Isolated Boulders and the Northern Bourbons, pushing development along the northeast ridge. Both will be great additions to the blog, and should be great voices for the area.

Here are a couple pics from the weekend and another short video from the trailers...All new problems, Palm Pilot was put up by Patrick Odenbeck 2 weeks ago, the other 2 are from Saturday...Dagmar's sds will go, I just didn't want to stress the fingers...

New moderate...2 other new problems on this boulder, and one 'project' that was too much for my injured fingers.

featured lowball overhang(hidden in the shade) and a lowball a-frame(in the sun) that's about 15 feet long...looked alot like Hotdog in the hallway...

Also, Lynn Hill (along with Whit Magro) will be speaking at the Emerson here in Bozeman this Wednesday to benefit the Bozeman Boulders Initiative. Please come down for what should be a great event!

details here:


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Hanging out in Pocatello

Sunday I headed out for a session at the Trailer Boulders. I meet up with Emily, Josh, P-Wolf, and Patrick O...It was a good day and fun to show off some new stuff, and also linking together what Patrick has done in the area....The Trailer Boulders are filling out nicely!

I then went down to Pocatello for a GIS conference...A very useful trip and fun to meet & reconnect with folks in the field. I also picked up some techniques that should hopefully improve the bouldering guide maps. As well as learning about some upcoming/existing technologies that is going to make exploring/finding boulders(along with everything else) much easier...

I headed out to check out the bouldering in town in Pocatello...unfortunately it had snowed the day prior, so I made due and got a couple problems in. I must say though, it's a very cool bouldering resource they have right in town and pretty damn cool just to pull over at a city park and be able to boulder. If you are in the area, check it out. Here's a link to the free guidebook:

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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Trailer Vid

It was a good Saturday a few days back...nice and sunny, a good crew and lots of fun. Some new problems, some repeats, and some projects...word.

A short video from the Trailer Boulders.


Monday, March 7, 2011

Back to the Trailer Boulders

A good day out at the Trailer Boulders. Kevin M and myself rolled out to the Batholith on Saturday to get back on some stone...the destination was still up in the air when we took the Pipestone exit...The Desert was dry as we rolled pass, but the road is in full on 'spring' condition(muddy and a few big ruts)...once we hit the 4-corners, we were greeted by a massive ATV rally...I spaced the 'fun ride'

I blasted north hoping that the ride didn't go through the Isolated Boulders, and we headed up the east fork to the lower parking, only to find the road in is still untracked deep snow...we gave a try to the west fork only to find the same result...So unless you're willing to walk in, it may take a few weeks for the area to shape up...

Image Hosted by
Pope's Simulator

Undeterred, we ambled back to the Trailer Boulders for a session. after a quick warm up on the Pope's Simulator, we added another problem to the boulder, and moved on to some new goods...After a quick walk about, we got after some new ones...resulting in 11(?) new problems, with Kevin cruising the majority. A super fun day and hopefully a sign of things to come.


Wednesday, March 2, 2011

A couple from Whiskey

February brought us out to Whiskey Gulch a couple times...mainly to work on the Crack of Doom with the brotherman, but to also work a couple other random things...

Once again, I was surprised by the snow level difference compared to the lower elevation areas on Delmoe Lake Rd...

A few things I must mention:

-Someone had a fire under 'Hairy Palms', a problem on/next to the hidden boulder/caught in the act...the fire scarred the bottom of the problem...there are no other user groups to blame...a scrappy V2 or not, it's very sad to see the rock disrespected in such a way...there is no excuse.

-There is a mattress that needs to get cleaned up over by the Popes...I thought this was cleaned up, but discovered it discarded 10 yards or so to the east, rotting under some boulders...gross. I swear that there was a pic of some kids with the mattress floating around on the web, and thought they said it would be cleaned up...anyone know what I'm talking about? Shit is weak...

Also, the tickmarks out there are ridiculous...if you can't read the rock, and must use rookie stripes, at least brush them when you're done...

Please consider your actions.

So if anyone heads out there soon...if you haul out the mattress, I'll hook you and your buddies up with some beers and a couple guidebooks...I would have done it myself, but didn't have the truck with me...

Image Hosted by

Pat working the low/thin crux on the COD...he was super close, but within a 1/2 hour of arriving, the route went from 'kinda wet' to 'soaked'...

Image Hosted by

Checking out 'The Thing'...pretty damn cool Jeff!

Weather-wise, things are back on the upswing...and I'm psyched to head back out to the Batholith...maybe I'll see you out there...