Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Decent December

December in the Lith can be joyous or downright miserable.  Weather is usually the limiting factor and December is certainly one of the wettest, if not the wettest months of the year.  Alas we venture out in search of dry stone and sending temps.

Part#1 Dryads

Early December we were able to get a sizable crew out to the Dryads.  It was a perfect day with excellent temps and fun was had by all.  After warming up we headed straight toward the newly found Barely Illegal Boulder.

Guy giving Sweet Tart a go

Emily scaling the excellent mod Barely Illegal Arete

Sarah on the beautiful and techy scoop of Sweet Tart 

Going for it on a proj

Part#2 Benchlands

Weather during the middle of the month was wet.  But we managed to get out at the very end of the month mostly on a scoping mission in the Benchlands.  Last year we spotted a boulder at the very top and very far back of the area it looked good and its high position on the ridge likely meant bomber rock.  Even though it was around 20 degrees F with intermittent snow.  We were not disappointed with our finds and even got to put up some stellar new problems.  

Smooth sailing and it's a 12" pow day at Bridger - what are we doing this for again?

The Galactic Facet (named after our favorite local website http://www.galacticfacets.com/) a wild boulder with crystal cobbles, pockets and bullet hard patinas at the very top of the Benchlands

Galactic Facet Traverse 

Galactic Facet Traverse - kind of looks like an alien skull, coincidence I think not

An ancient crystalline circuit board clear evidence of forgotten technology

Below the Galactic Facet is a boulder with super hard stone with crystal filled monos on it!  The wind was picking up so we moved on.  There could be some uber hard problems on this boulder - any takers?

Tweaky monos everywhere

Close up of one of the crystal filled monos

Since the weather was quickly deteriorating we then moved on in a direction we never went before and we found a couple nice fins with potential.

With the snow picking up we thought we were done.  Then Tom spotted something through the trees.  We debated on if we should even go check it out -  we are certainly glad we did.  What we stumbled into is definitely within the top 5 boulders either of us have found in the batholith.  Steep, great stone, featured and awesome- gaze at its glory.




Even though it was nuking snow I had to at least give the holds a test
We thought that it was all over.  Then we stumbled into a boulder problem that Tom and Pat K. found years ago and could not find again an offwidth squeeze called The Breather..  This is one of the problems with the Benchlands, it is a 3D maze of insanity I feel lost every time I am there.  So loosing one's way or finding something again is not uncommon.  This time Tom got a GPS point on the problem so we will be able to find it again.  We both gave it a go but conditions and common sense told us not to push on through.

Tom in The Breather

Exhaling in The Breather

Then we headed out and enjoyed some awesome driving conditions on the way home.

It was a great year!  Hope next year is just as good!

Merry Christmas and have a happy New Year!


Monday, November 3, 2014

New Finds for the Fall

Project on the incredible Barely Illegal Boulder - Lower Dryads

Despite the lack of posts we have been busy this Fall developing an area we have dubbed the Cooridor and Lower Dryads.  The Coordior is an are that we have avoided  in the past.  Thinking that there was little to nothing in there boy were we wrong.  The basically the Corridor connects the Namazu and Lower Isos areas to the Dryads.  With this connection you can successfully tour all the way from the Desert to the Dryads with less than a 5 minute walk between each major area.  First up some new finds in the Lower Dryads.

Seeing Spots in the Lower Dryads

Tom sending Child's Play - Lower Dryads

Broken Blade Boulder - beautiful stone much like the Superb Boulder in Superbia but a terrible landing

Margin of Air - Broken Blade Boulder - Lower Dryads

A really big scary looking block

Double Decker Dolmen - Lower Dryads
Barely Illegal Arete - Lower Dryads

Tom on Barely Illegal Arete

Tom giving the super awesome and techy Sweet Tart a go

Sweet Tart - Barely Illegal Boulder - Lower Dryads

More on Sweet Tart

Here are some things I found on the first scoping mission into the Corridor.  I made a couple FAs but was solo so no climbing shots.  When we went out this weekend it started raining right when we got to the goods but everyone seemed pretty impressed.

We were calling this the One in a Million Boulder because of the incredible patinas it has and that being a rarity in the Batholith

Celtic Hand a very nice bear hug tech combo

Really sweet crack problem - this one is for Tom

Another shot of the One in a Million Boulder

Burly looking overhang

A couple nice tall blocks

Nice eyebrows on the Hardly Illegal Boulder
Inversion in the Lith 


Monday, October 20, 2014

5th Annual Butte Bouldering Bash Wrap-up

Year 5 was a great success!

We had an awesome turn out, a great competition, lots of folks out exploring new problems in the Druthers & Trailers, and the weather cooperated until the evening (and wowza, then it RAINED!)

*Huge* thanks to all the people who came out to participate, spectate, as well as all the volunteers and especially the sponsors. A tremendous time was had, while raising funds for a great cause.

Huge! thanks to:

Organic Climbing
Mystery Ranch
Friction Labs
Voke Tab
Hippy Tree
Dolomite Climbing Bags
Smith Optics
Climb On
Montana Mountain Man
Spire Climbing Center
American Alpine Club
Mago Mountain Works
Enso Structural Massage + Bodywork

Guy, Ari & Registration

High Steppin in the Druthers

Lunch BBQ...most folks were brief, ready to jump back into it.

Ladd on Pin Garden

Following photos provided by Ty Morrison-Heath

African Patina Session:

 Following photos provided by Jeremy Champion

Unsung hero's of the BBQ

Ramos returns from the marathon mission

1st Place Winners: Sander & David(tie), Inge, & Ramos

1st Place Winners: Jordon, Jackson, & Sophie

Full Results:

Youth 13 and Under
Name Last Name First Points
Olliff Jackson 34600
Hutchison Ladd 25500
Pannell Gabby 10500
Rhoderick Abbey 8900
Pannell Genavieve 1800
Odenbeck Brielle 1700
Youth Girls 14-17
Name Last Name First Points
Roberts Sophie 14100
Omohundro Charis 14000
Youth Boys 14-17
Name Last Name First Points
Mills Jordan 51800
Janssen Cole 38500
Manship Nick 34500
Adult Men's 18+
Name Last Name First Points
Pick Sander 72000
Sjoquist David 72000
Anderson Ryan 56500
Kaufman Ari 41300
Dobson Phillip 40000
Hatley Daniel 36400
Christensen Erik 33500
Hule Gabe 21800
Thompson Samuel 19900
Puettmann Paul 15400
Bldv? Andrew 12500
Ellison Gillian 5000
Adult Women's 18+
Name Last Name First Points
Perkins Inge 52900
Fischer Sara 45600
Miller Shiloh 25400
Sjoquist Christine 22700
? Vicki 14800
Ritter Jamie 11000
Smoot Annie 11000
Name Last Name First # of Problems
Ramos Peter 93
Christopher Jesse 70
Chang Tony 64
Burke Dillion 20
Bloemeke Jasmine Storm 13
Bolton Nathan 13
Oja Ethan 12

Thanks again, and hope to see ya next year!


P.S. The photo scavenger hunt photos are to be posted in a later post. It's not too late to submit! Email your shots to butteboulderingbash@gmail.com