Monday, April 6, 2009

The Benchlands

Another beautiful Sunday out in the it's becoming known...

This time I rounded up Adam, Rose, Ron, Forest and the dogs to check out the area. Only Ron had been here previously. I like going out with different folks and wandering around. Different eyes and ideas usually lead to problem discoveries that perhaps wouldn't have considered. There is usually alot of excitement and fun...and this day didn't disappoint...

Duke of Burl

Marbled Rye


Then we messed around on this hanging nose thing, which turns out is really hard to mantle...

eventually we started trying other methods...this sequence of Ron is probably the high point and one of the funnier attempts

Lock your feet and sit up!

feels like you're about to fly off the front!

cracking up during my attempt...

Forest on the FA of Golgi Body

the send train in action..

heading home...



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