Monday, June 14, 2010

Symbiotic Flesh Tour through the Isos

A beautiful break in the weather to the west got a good crew together for a trip to the Isolateds. Brought along a few climbers to help crush some fine granite. An inadvertent late night at the Eagles had me waking in pain and bile. Luckily some pork and potatoes were served up and the world was back to at least near vertical.

We welcomed Pat back and shoved him into the closest invert that could be found.

Pat amplying skills on "??"
Patrick Kingsbury cleaning up nicely

Chicken Wings and Beer....FKNA Good!
Patrick Kingsbury Chicken Wing

Pat busting out the send
Patrick Topping out


Through rest of the day many things got sent and few photos were taken. On the way out after "the rabbit incident" (good thing we're in Montana) we came across a little boulder that Zana and I had sussed out a month ago. I assured everyone that the crack was mere 5.11 and I had sent it repeatedly. I had sent it multiple times....but turns out it might not be an .11. Good end of the day sess' insued.

Ramos steppin' up and sending Heart Stump Crack V5 sds
Peter Ramos sends Painted Lady Crack

Whit summoning the send at the end of the day
Whit Magro on Painted Lady Crack


TKingsbury said...

Super fun time! Really cool that so many folks came out to enjoy the day.


Anonymous said...

Any name on the ow between Damn Wench and Japanese Depression?

edejom said...

A big day for the Batholith--just getting it ready for the August deluge'. Glad that the kids and I got out for a bit with y'all:-)