Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Extended Iso coverage

A great weekend out in the Boulder Batholith! The brotherman returned from his desert stint, ready to see some of the new offerings of the Boulder Batholith. We headed to the Isolates and were greeted by Clay and crew, as well as Andrew, Zana, and a large psyched group ready to sample the granite offerings.

Highlights include new problems, group ascents of a new invert, a session the knob overhang project(wicked hard!) and a massive highball went down (seeing three proud sends). Overall a great day out among the boulders with a fun group...awesome to see so many folks out enjoying the stone, and craving more.

Japanese Depression

Heart Stump Crack

We returned to the Boulder Batholith on Sunday as well...a fun day out at the Mile 3 Boulders, this nicely featured overhang was a highlight...

That's all for now...more to come as per usual.


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