Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Death Proof

this happened a few weeks ago now......but ill post it up anyways!

Tom, Hutch, and I finally got to try this thing!!!!

its a bit tall to boulder, as the landing drops out; but a pretty short rope thing.....kinda like the better half of 'double feature'......death-proof! a tarantino flick

you can damn near place all your gear before starting up the thing...although the green ended up getting in the way....and was placed on 'lead'.....on this 15'

hutch, getting ready for action

tom trying to get inverted off the shitty hand/fist.....turned out to be a hand stack further back.....

and an above shot of me clipping pre situp



tape is good in butte

1 comment:

Neil Kauffman said...

Rock on brothers!
Pat, looks like you´re getting ready for another shot at Squat!
Cheers fellas!