Monday, November 8, 2010

The last of Mr. Cilley?

A warm Autumn week day provided the back-drop for one final climbing day with Dick? We warmed up at the "Cilley" boulders, then spent the rest of the outing at the Triple Crown area above the CDT on the south side of Interstate.

Roadside warm-up face

Pulling the crux of another good find

Playing "Hogan's Heroes" in a hollowed out stump

Queueing up for the Triple Crown

Charging through the "Freakness Steaks" aka "Wop Chop"

Mid-way through them all--on "The Belmont Hammer"

An old 5 lb. mining sledge hammer was found in this crack upon a closer look at the crack...

An ol' skool, pad-less attempt (my bad in going for the camera first...)

Finally nearing the home stretch on "The Montucky Derby"--hardest of the 3

Crossing the finish line...

Video of the full race...

Within five minutes of the above cracks are a dozen more (some harder, some easier) cracks to boulder, not to mention some OW rope action immediately to the right of the Triple Crown cracks.

Safe travels and good climbin' to you, Dick--it was an honor to partake with you on the pebbles.


Eric Patterson said...

That's a cool little area, good show fellas!

ktmt said...

Gotta ask, are you talking the Dick Cilley? As in the sport-jacket clad guy I used to buy chalk from out of the trunk of a Caddy at the Suicide trailhead? Crazy! All the way up here in Montana!

Cilley and Fish once saved a climbing partner's and my 2 lb. dry salami from a varmint in the Camp 4 parking lot. All we did was say "Thanks" but to this day, I feel we owed them a pound of that salami. If he ever returns to Butte, I'll have to pay up.

Two more of us from that So.Cal era are now over here in Missoula, putting up the routes at Mill. What a time that was in the 80s, and what a small world.


TKingsbury said...

Same dude. Funny story...the things one remembers...