Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Northern Bourbons

A few pics from Saturday...

Dim Sum
Rose working on Dim Sum at the On-On Tea Room

West Face
Whitmore sending the West Face Crack project on the Modern Deity Boulder... horrid landing!

Lever Action
Ethan gunning for it on Lever Action

A new roof...one of five new ones we found on Saturday...most concentrated roof area yet?!

We also ran into a fella out there who moved from CO to Butte...he's looking to meet up with other Butte climbers...I told him to comment on the blog so we can exchange contact info, hopefully he'll post up!



Dizzler said...

Hey I recently moved to Butte too. I'd be psyched to get in touch with you guys and the other guy who just moved here to do some climbing. Is there anywhere in Butte that sells the Bourbon's guidebook?

TKingsbury said...

Right on! Shoot us an email at boulderingthebackwaters@hotmail.com and we'll get you a guide.

I (Tom) usually get out on the weekends, but Kevin who lives in Butte, is a bit more flexible...as is Paully...hopefully Kevin will chime in here...but you and any one else psyched on the Boulder Batholith are always welcome to come and join us. Not alot of folks bouldering out here in the backwaters...

Or if you need beta sooner, I dropped off a couple guides at the Homestake Lodge for people to peruse.(Which is very close to the Bourbons/Northern Bourbons).


Sarah said...

Hi! I'll be in the Butte area for the weekend and was hoping to check out the boulders.

Does anyone in Bozeman sell the guidebook?

What area's do you recommend for V5-V9?


TKingsbury said...

Hey Sarah,

Currently the stores in Bozeman are out of N Bourbons guide, but if you shoot us an email we can get you a guide and can meet locally in Bozeman somewhere for pick up.

Both Whiskey Gulch and the Northern Bourbons have problems in that range, though Whiskey has much more consolidated ratings. That guide is available at Barrel and Northern Lights.



Tiago said...

Butte guy from CO finally chiming in - ran into you boys up at the Bourbons on this said day...anyone interested in flailing in Butte, shout out....mtbreis@yahoo.com