Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A couple new ones in the Northern Bourbons (Where is that again?)

As the Butte Bouldering Bash draws closer, I've been spending a bit more time out in the Northern Bourbons.

Sunday was a nice afternoon spent out with Kalah, and our friends Jeremy and Katie, who are just getting into bouldering. We spent the day touring moderates, and watching Jer and Katie find their footing. It's always fun to see the fire coming out in people, discovering the joys of climbing...

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We also ran into Chris and Heather(Nice to meet ya'll!), a couple of climbers who came over from Bozeman to check out the bouldering...they had a bit of trouble finding the 'sneaker road' into the Northern Bourbons, which I believe may be a fairly common occurrence...

So to help clear thing up for folks, here are some directions:

Exit 233 off of I-90, take FS road 240 (south of the highway, there will also be a sign saying "Homestake Lodge 3") and drive about three miles to Homestake Lodge.

Just before Homestake Lodge you crest a hill, and at the crest is a faint logging road to your left, that is the road leading to the Northern Bourbons. Most vehicles can make it up the road to the boulders, but it is a very short walk if the road looks too spicy. If you don't take the road, park under the powerlines across from the lodge entrance and walk up the road.

Hope this helps, and I hope to see you all at the fest!



Anonymous said...

Is that last shot that crazy slot we were scoping in the rain last time? If so- proud, if not- also proud.

TKingsbury said...

Not the one under Gordo...that thing is still waiting. This is the slot under Silver Branch, just downhill.

Unknown said...

Thanks for sharing this information, i wasn't aware that there is a bouldering place near Bozeman or i would have visited it, in the last picture it looks like the person has become a sandwich between the rocks.