Tuesday, February 21, 2012

New Potential

There's been an area I've been scoping out on some maps recently...looked like it could hold some decent potential...So I headed out with Clay on Monday for an exploration mission...we were not disappointed.

Heading in...first spot

Gem with a back-breaker spike

nice OW in the corner, and a couple harder seam/face options

Anti-lith Boulder...left arete will be stellar too

roadside - 2nd spot

roadside bigboy

Heading up the gully - 3rd spot

fuzzy pic of a wild arete

lurking roadside

A good day of scoping to be sure, and it seems there is alot more hiding in the hills, as we only scoped the most obvious. Hoping to be back that way soon, though a touch of melt off would be nice...



Patrick said...

Looks like an amazing area!!!!

edejom said...

Looks swole!

I'll pick your brain for the location in person ;-)

Aaron Hyatt said...

Wow, looks like yet another great area!

awhit said...

Those look nice...I've been hoping you'd get up there. what elevation? BTW...if you'd photoshop your photos more they'd make the rock look even better then it is in living colour (ha, ha, thats for rock and ice, climbing mags).

TKingsbury said...

Thanks y'all!

Awhit -

This zone sits right around 5600-5800...you'll dig it!