Tuesday, March 27, 2012

March in the Isos

 A great weekend out in the Boulder Batholith! A number of folks out both days, lots of new problems, and fun in the sun....while the fog lingered in the valley below.  Emily sent over these great shots from Sunday, a very fun session in the sunshine.

Fog in the Valley

Wolfe on fresh stone

Bridget crushing

Whitmore on the Stackhouse

Clay getting airy on the Stackhouse

More pics and a video coming soon...hopefully in the next couple days....



edejom said...

'Twas a beautiful day out Sunday--my folks came over later than expected and kept us home for the afternoon and dinner.

cadams said...

Great day indeed .Good people,good boulders,and good weather = great times! Cant wait until the next session:)

awhit said...

Great weekend. jager in the trees, pre-first breakfast bouldering, new problems, laps on classic slabs....if only TK could of camped out :(