Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Jumble Gym - Benchlands

The weather didn't look great, the chance of rain was near 50% depending on the forecast...sounded prime for heading into the Benchlands.

Odenbeck and I headed in to further explore this immense area. Even after 5 or so years, I am still getting a handle on this labyrinth. The sheer size of the area in combination with the extreme amount of jumbling makes navigating and exploring a difficult task.  I'm not discouraged, but rather inspired to further grasp this zone...every trip clarifies the area a bit more...

Rail to aframe potential...along with a wicked hard looking overhang on the other side

Thin face


After a bit of exploring we headed to the upper central area to show Patrick a couple problems and a project I cleaned up awhile back...


working/getting worked

getting closer
Odenbeck came extremely close to sending. Even after a split tip he put in a great effort. Psyched to go back and keep working this.

strange features

highball...and featured

Overall a good day exploring and working a great project...I get a feeling we'll be out in the Benchlands quite a bit this season....


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edejom said...

I've been eyeing over there on the last few drive throughs--might be time to take Ladd to visit the Troll Under the Bridge :-)