Thursday, December 27, 2012

More Holiday Treats

Over the weekend I made another recon mission out to the area that is in the previous post.  Yet again this new zone does not disappoint at all.  This place is amazing- here are a couple photo excerpts.

Just the beginning
large slab

Interesting patina arete

Tall slab
Tall, featured and scary

Across from main gully

 I had seen some of this gully from another vantage point previously and this is where I really wanted to check out.  It appeared to be chalked full of boulders and it turned out that it is.  Lots of potential in here and it is not at all like any of the other areas in the Batholith that I have seen before.  These pictures do not do it justice some of these blocks are 25-30' tall.

The gully
Crazy blocks

Crazy tall and featured dolum!!!!

Cool overhang

Classic 70s graffiti 
Overhanging seam this is huge like 15-20" deep
Big traverese
More unexplored

More unexplored
Tall and interesting

Big Boy
Huge Slab
 These hallways I mentioned in the previous post but got no photos.  This is the first climbable rock that you come to on the approach.  Looks like some great warm ups.

Hallway 1

Hallway 2
Hallway 3

Hallway 4

Yeah there is a lot to do here.  Starting to get a feel how to approach the goods.  Can't wait to pluck some of these gems!


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