Sunday, March 10, 2013


After a world travelling hiatus I have been trying to get back in the groove.  March is usually when things really start to get nice in the batholith.  The Coartyard in particular can be stellar this time of year not to hot and not too cold.  I have been able to get out to the Coartyard on two consecutive weekends this month and both days have been stellar.  There is lots of unfinished business in the Coartyard notably the many potential highballs on the 25'-35' wall that is in the area.

This past weekend as sizable crew came out I gave a little tour of the area for some people who had not been there before.  Everyone seemed pretty psyched. I was able to pluck two of the longstanding highball problems (sorry no pics) and made some progress on a third.  I am happy to get those out of the way.  One of them I might do again the other I am not so sure.

Rose sending Cherry Blossom

Charlie on a problem that I think Whitmore put up

Project that might actually be possible- tall and scary

My favorite bouldering partner

Batholith is prime right now!

Hope to see everyone out there.


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