Sunday, April 7, 2013

Isos and something special for the Summer

Just another day in the batholith.  Very cool little crag with an amazing looking offwidth.

The Isos maybe one of the best areas that is currently under development in the Batholith.  The area is much more concentrated than previously thought and it holds a variety of problems on great stone.  Tom and I went out to  clear up our understanding of the Lower Isos this weekend.  With a couple new problems going up early in the day specifically on John Titor's Boulder. Follow this link to find out more about John Titor - quite an interesting read if you have the time. Later some weather moved in so we decided to go explore an area that Tom had been looking at on aerials.  Walking in to this locale yielded one of the best finds in the Batholith in recent memory-  a hillside with many featured overhangs and a couple awesome little crags with some excellent route potential.

Walking in Snow White - Bowie Boulder, Lower Isos

A creepy find in the backwoods occasionally happens.  We discovered this beaver tail nestled in a tree miles from any water source.

IBM 5100 - John Titor's Boulder, Lower Isos

Pebble pinch on IBM 5100
Fighting Diamondbacks - John Titor's Boulder, Lower Isos

Let the exploring begin!

A (1 out of 500 featured overhang) in the Batholith? - they do exist can't wait to get on this!

More featured overhangs?

And more overhangs with features?

Find of the day a 50-60' overhanging offwidth

Looks like it is gonna be a busy Summer!


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