Thursday, November 14, 2013

The druthers of the Druthers

This past weekend Ari and I were able to check out an area that had been scoped out in the previously that is just North of the Druthers.  This was one of those places that I took some photos of and really never inspected the rock.  Well lets say that some of the blocks that I thought were good were certainly not.  However there were a couple good problems that went up.  Two blocks in particular are certainly worth it.  One other thing that adds to the ambiance of the sub-area are some old mining camp junk, caverns and holes more typical of what you would see on the top of Homestake Pass- you gotta love Butte.

Topping out "Out of the Frying Pan" - Artifact Boulder - Northern Druthers
Ari on "Into the Fire" - Artifact Boulder - Northern Druthers
Ari attempting a super hard slab proj on the Forgotten Clay Boulder

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edejom said...

There is no plot of land larger than a square yard that has not been plodded on by someone out there--luckily for us, they weren't out there to climb !