Tuesday, March 11, 2014


Sometimes winter pulls its weight and climbing in the Boulder Batholith can become a challenge.  While January had very decent conditions, February proved to be difficult for bouldering, though Odenbeck and I still managed a day out exploring and bouldering in the Desert/Northern Desert/13-14s

Fresh snow and fresh boulders on the outskirts of the Desert

Project on the Outback Boulder, Desert

The following weekend even more snow fell and I gave into the season and had a few descents

deep on deep

Soon it was March and warmer temps arrived. I linked up on Sunday with Ari and Honzel and headed back out to the lower zones.

Willow, a nice slab warm up near the Northern Desert 

A couple more warm ups, the center line climbs very nicely.

Compression Project, Northern Desert

All in all it was nice to get back out and pull on some stone with good friends and continue to piece together these lower zones, the interconnectivity of these boulders and zones continues to surprise me.


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