Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Summer Time Schrulpin

Some great conditions this Summer brought the crew out to some old and new goodies.

Tom and company made it out to the NoBos for a nice 25 problem circuit a couple weeks ago.

Kate cruising Blue Cadet 3

Ari enjoying some Pez

First time on an offwidth invert and Kate flashes Physical Fatness

Tom flipping though Barbarella

Gordo Direct

weeks ago Tom led us into the Single Barrels.  I was pretty excited to get out to this now seldom visited zone.  We did a couple repeats and also found a couple new ones.

Sara on a really really crimpy FA out in the Single Barrels
Kevin getting the 2nd ascent of The Obstructionist
This past weekend we got out to one of the new spots to clean up and send some of the waiting gems.  It turned out to be a very nice day with some excellent editions to this superior zone.

Sending a new one Ari got the FA.  Ari got a name for this one?
Five Points of the Pentangle FA

Kevin sending Air and Asterisms 

Sara working out the match on Air and Asterisms
Ahh yes the 11 Star Boulder
Pre-send on what would become Pegasus

Five Points of the Pentangle = Galactic Facet http://www.galacticfacets.com/montana-earth-energy-grid.html



Don't forget about the Bash everyone should be a great time!

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