Monday, November 2, 2009

West Hill - The Desert

Some sussing of final details led a nice session and a couple of new problems. Overall a pretty successful day, the Desert guide is getting closer by the day...

Fruh on Wild Yeast

Rose samples some nice stone on the Sour Grapes Boulder

Hutch and Adam on Matriarch

Adam on a new one..."Heelhook by your ear and rock over"

A nice afternoon over on the West Hill.



jpfs said...

That last one looks pretty sick. Does this Desert area see much in the way of snow?

TKingsbury said...

Stays dry/climbable most of the year. Dryer than Whiskey Gulch by a few inches/year.

Mainly a Fall/Winter/Spring area as summer is usually too hot this low in elevation.

Anonymous said...

Phone Call?