Friday, February 26, 2010

Trailer Daze

February was a pretty quiet month for me. With the boss out of the country, I had some time to pull out the trailer and hang in the Boulder Batholith. While we've encountered a wetter winter than usual, thankfully the psych has been at great levels. Lots of exploring, new finds, climbing, scoping and fun was had...and we're getting ready to finish off the month right by heading out for this weekend. Should be a great time.

Here's some pics from over the last month, a handful being taken by my good friend Brian Hayes check him out at:

Home Sweet Home

cleaning top outs

techie OW

Lights of Butte

My favorite bar in Butte, The Freeway Tavern

Birthday Crack


New problem in the Druthers

Got to see Scott H Biram down at the Filling Station...great show!

Snow hindered a send, but Pat will cruise in better conditions...really cool line!

They Dance Alone...Dwight Bishop's hardest sport route?

Exploring the 'ice caves' and tight canyons of Tony's

New find in the Trailer Boulders

Maybe I'll see you out there?




edejom said...

Really fine photo blog post, sir--good summation of the last month around here.

fotohayes said...

RAD! The last pic is the Micheal Jordan of trailer bouldering