Friday, May 28, 2010

idea man

Will somebody please buy a warehouse on the Northeast side of Bozeman and open-up a bouldering gym? It doesn't need to be a teen center, just somewhere for the dirtbags to get after it.

I'm pushing the idea to Ramos at the moment (he needs something to do).

Why you ask?

1. I want to walk/bike to a gym after work, then grab a beer. Or vice versa.
2. I don't want to pay $65 per month or $14 (I hear its going up) per visit.
3. Bozeman has enough "climbers" to afford two plastic venues.
4. After skiing at Bridger Bowl why not just stop by and pull on a few holds
5. Hours of operation: 8am-11pm. Paying a couple employees $10 a hour should do it.

There are many more reasons.

Come on, its okay.

There is space right next the the BBC available.


TKingsbury said...

Maybe mot so much a business, but a small co-op to start it...

if you get a small group of right minded folks, it could just be a split for rental space, the walls would grow with the psyche...

I could be into something like that actually...hours could be whenever if you have the one to pay, all the donations and extras goes to improving it...and eventually 'regular guests' would become members...

just a thought...probably could use tweaks...


edejom said...

Tom makes sense--as soon as "money" and "employees" enter into the picture, then it becomes a regulated business, and stops being fun.

secret bouldering co-op warehouse; has a nice ring to it:-)

veritascs said...

"secret bouldering co-op warehouse"