Friday, August 13, 2010

Boulder Batholith Bash: details

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to post a link with the location of the Homestake Lodge for those unsure where it is. Exit 233 off of I-90, take FS road 240 (south of the highway, there will also be a sign saying "Homestake Lodge 3") and drive three miles to Homestake Lodge.

We will be having two BBQ/cookouts (one ~12:30 up at the boulders and one ~6pm back at the lodge) we're bringing lots of burgers/dogs/sides...if that doesn't appeal to you, you're welcome to bring your own grillins or sides for yourself, or to share...

There is camping available at the lodge, near the festivities, for $10 a campsite, as well as beds available at the Lodge(not sure on the price on that) or free camping in the surrounding forest service lands.

Hope to see you there!
Tom Kingsbury

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