Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sipping Bourbon in the Backroom

Saturday was looking grim, thick skies threatened good temps...but it was unclear how much was haze from the fires to the west. The day turned out well though, a couple short sporadic showers, but all in all a very climbable day.

We headed to the Backroom of the Bourbons, a short hike beyond the Bourbons proper gains the Backroom, still fully stocked. Brady, Ramos, Clay, Whitmore, Zana and 3/4 of the Mojede clan came out and enjoyed the burn of the Bourbons.

Session on a previously established problem

A thin saucer project

"Climbs like a route"

Andrew cruising

Barrel-Chested...a ~10-15' traverse through the squeeze to gain the exit above.

Though the invert seemed to prove to go much easier

I think Ladd had the send of the day though:

He sprinted up the No-hands slab...probably one of the taller problems that Ladd has ticked, didn't even faze him...hopefully he doesn't spray too hard about it at his first day of kindergarten today though! HA! Whadda crusher!


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