Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Return of the Jedi

Though Mr. Dick Cilley ventured out to the Batholith for a 2+week stay, I managed to hook-up with and climb only once--my loss, but any day that one can climb with a master is triumphant one...

Some pics:

Testing "new" vert terrain


Gunning the steeps

High step on marginal jams

Brave new crack

Cleaning up the seconds on lay-back

Looking forward to his next return...


TKingsbury said...

Great stuff y'all!
That last crack looks SWEET!

edejom said...

For a "FA", I thought that it was pretty star-laden:-)

My instincts were right on that one!

FISH Products said...


Mountain Dad said...

Hi Edejom,
I"m in Choteau, MT with wife and kids headed south toward Yellowstone and was wondering if you were up for a visit and maybe even some easy bouldering? You can send me an email or even call my or my wife's cell (559) 676 7665/(559) 676 2434. Cell coverage is sporadic as you know, but wifi even more so... I tried emailing you earlier this year to see if you were around but never heard back so thought maybe you had a new email address.
Joel (from UCSB)