Friday, December 17, 2010

Random Cell Photos

Recently I upgraded to a new phone, so in the process I dumped all the photos I took over the last couple years off my old rig...and edited some up to post here...

Mid-Benchlands...near Trengel

Finger crack roof in the Northern Desert

Choss above Welch Quarry

Short face in the upper Isos

Cloud Nine

Aframe at Resort Rocks

So many boulders...

Halfway Creek Dome Solo


Mile 3

Cilley Roof, Dockins Roof to the right


an early OW list...

Corner Proj, Coyote Flats

Butte Special

Thin line


Delmoe Lake



Cloven Hoof photo op

Hideout Ridge possibility

Hideout Ridge

A new one...

Midnight tepee

Clay's gym


1 comment:

edejom said...

Thanks for putting up these "recovered" pics--brings back memories of good times in the 'Lith :-)