Friday, December 24, 2010

X-mas snow cover report

Driving to Bozeman with the mojede4, and passing Mr. Bill Dockins (and family) en route, got me motivated to post some conditions for snow around the Batholith. Without any further adieu...

-----Resort Rocks: 80% (or more) free of snow on the top-outs, 95% bare dry ground

-----Land of 100 Cracks: 90% (or better) free of snow on the top-outs, approach about 80% (or more) bare and dry (if done right, staying on the West side of the drainage).

-----Benchlands: 75+% free of snow on the top-outs (melting quickly), with mostly dry ground once crossed over Homestake Creek.

-----Desert and surrounds: Not directly observed, but one could expect 80-90% snow-free top-outs with snow accumulated in shady/Northside areas.

-----Ringing Rocks "area": Bare and dry on the large, broken, crack-laden face; expect snow the closer one gets to the Ringers.

Consider all other areas to have significant snow on the ground, AND on the tops of the boulders :-(

I am anticipating a solo mission to photograph some of the cracks in the Land of 100 area--STAY TUNED, IT will be my last photo post of the year :-)

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