Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Against all odds

Typically when rolling the dice on the weather in the Batholith things will usually end in your favor. For the long holiday weekend the forecast had the odds completely loaded toward wet weather- but I was optimistic. Saturday was beautiful and with a trailer and the family in tow everything was looking like it was going to line up. I added a couple new one’s to the area and worked some projects under blue skies. Yah right 70% chance of rain.

My daughter Brielle- pointing out the foot beta

Lowballing Afternoon Delight

Projecting the proud line on The Gharial

Ectoparasite on the Cookiecutter Shark Boulder

With the intent of photographing some of the boulders that I had missed previously I ambled my way down into Pop up Gully. It had been years since I had been on the North side of the gully. I found it quite embarrassing that I had somehow forgotten this whole area- must have been an extra dose of anandamide flowing through my veins.

Day one down- the gamble against the precipitation was going very well.

Charlie and Mojave getting warm by the fire

After a night around the fire- the rains and snow and sleet came and did not let up the whole weekend. When I saw the updated forecast for Sunday and Monday of 100% chance of precip I knew I was beat. Everything was completely soaked but these are the best days to go out and exploring- and explore I did but I am not to let those goodies out of the box until later…

Life in the trailer

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TKingsbury said...

Cool, glad you were able to get some climbing and exploring in!