Wednesday, September 21, 2011

West Rosebud Trail Siders

My buddy Brandon and I made an attempt at Granite Peak last weekend--It was dry for the 3 miles to Mystic Lake (which would make the best trail back country boulder trip), but drizzle turning to light rain changed our plans. Note: Taking pads for a day trip up this trail would make for a good outing.

Some photos of the pebbles along the way--note, the boulder with the "mini-pond" in front of it in the following is further up trail, past Huckleberry and Princess Lakes


Boulder across from the "mini-pond boulder

...snow in the higher elevations forced us down back to the car--overall, a good mission to familiarize myself with the West Rosebud drainage.


mancub said...

ummmmm...WHHATTTT?! sexpot 3000.

Davin said...

Damn that looks good. Looks epic as hell. I'm on the way up