Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Spring Sessions

The last few weeks seem to have flew by. The brotherman and tower crew was around for a bit, and made some significant finds out exploring on the west-side. I was able to head out with them and check it out. We warmed up on a beautiful wall (lacking photos) containing 4 wide cracks and a couple thinner ones. The 4 OW/chimneys went fairly quickly, at 5.8, 5.9, 5.10 and a nice slightly overhanging 5.11 flare. Pat hiked the harder two while I warmed up on the easier two...A great warm up wall for the wide!

Meanwhile Trevor and Ty roped up for a nice looking hand crack up hill, and Andrew, Zana and others scoped for more bouldering potential in the area

Ty on a fresh hand crack
 After the warm up I headed with Pat to check out the major overhanging wide beast....just overhanging enough to have to invert...with a very awkward size....It's a very big sit up off a hand/fist stack to get started...and that's just the start...the remaining shuffle seems to be crazy hard.

Peanut gallery hanging out in the rain

The Brotherman and the beast

The sporadic rain didn't help matters...while Pat gave a number of very strong goes, and came excruciatingly close, the beast remains unconquered...hopefully we will have a chance to get back on it soon. Personally I wish I gave it more attempts...the initial slap down was a bit much for me...though I'm ready to head back for more.

Near the project was a chimney that Trevor climbed up earlier in the the day winded down I decided to head up as well. Good times

Last week I ended up in the Isolated boulders again...finally starting to piece it all together...quite the forest out there...

Back at the Lazy V

Got a good session and some good planning in last night at the Lazy V...details to be revealed soon.



edejom said...

Is that the Silver Box, or the Eggs and OWs area--looks familiar?

TKingsbury said...

Near the rail ads... Sherman Feed: Livery and Undertaking

Ty Gittins said...

get back on that thing and send it!