Monday, April 16, 2012

Upped on Isos

Despite a grim forecast the sun decided to push the clouds away this Saturday. A larger crew than normal headed out to the Isos to scope some more of the upper area. The Isos continue to be the gift that keeps on giving. After warming up on the fantastic Highlife Arete we ventured East and sessioned on a nice group of blocks that had been scoped out before. This first group of boulders yielded at least 12 new problems and a couple projects.

Steve on an Upper Meadow Project

We then ventured farther and stumbled onto a sweet shallow crack Whitmore sent and dubbed Citrus Crack. This crack is thin and tangy with an exiting knob and crimp finish yet another multi-star problem in the middle of nowhere- awesome!

Whitmore on Citrus Crack

Continuing on farther we stumbled into yet another zone with a large boulder with some very nice cracks splitting the face. Quickly all of the major lines were sent. It was a pretty successful day with somewhere around 20 new problems. It appears or at least feels that we are starting to wrap our heads around the extent of this zone.


awhit said...

Great session. Hopefully I'll be climbing again by Sept.

Anonymous said...

Heal well Whitmore! Indeed it was a good day. But turns out that trail building was not as good.

edejom said...

Good job on the getting the troops over to find the pro lems to send--the season is just starting for 2012....