Friday, May 11, 2012

The ever expanding forest

Last weekend Odenbeck took Kevin, Ladd and I on a tour of Superbia, a quality cluster near the Druthers. After a brief walking tour we got warmed up and headed to the Superb Boulder, the main gem of the zone.

Ladd cruising warm-ups (Onisght FA?)

The Fine Arete
Supreme Perfection

Supreme Perfection

Gotta say, Ladd threw down!  I was very impressed by his sends, he got pretty excited by this line on the Superb Boulder and decided it was time to step up...

Ladd on his traverse variant 
committing to the upper section
Topping out

Chasing Windmills

dyno setup

flail / fail....

....and again....legs were pretty sore after about 8 attempts...hoping to nab it soon!

Undercling project

Undercling project

All in all we're just getting started out there, with a number of great looking lines waiting to go...more soon!


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