Monday, May 21, 2012

In the Brickyard

Saturday Hutch and myself sessioned yet another cluster that I have not yet made it to- "The Brickyard." With excellent temps lotsa good stone- we climbed some new stuff, some old stuff and some bold stuff.  We also stumbled upon yet another weird Batholith secret, a Forest Service picnic area in the middle of nowhere for the ATVers complete with a commemoration plaque, fire pit and tables right next to the boulders- I guess we should bring some burgers in next time.

A taste of some of the local delicacies at the Brickyard- sorry for the weak edit software is down.

Hutch floating up an area warm-up

Proj left of some established lines- simply awesome
"The Lunch Room"  complete with picnic tables, a commemorative plaque and a fire pit stocked with wood

Hutch feeling out the moves on this new proj

Solo Cup Arete

No tape + Offwidth = Blood

Working an old project- that looks easy- but is far from it- super sloppy and slappy

L8er Patrick

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