Saturday, June 2, 2012

Lost or Found

Years ago I spotted a boulder near the top of the pass but because it is by a popular campsite getting near it never became a possibility.  Last week I was actually able to drive up to it and I was pretty blown away at the two featured overhanging prows that were right off the road.  I started calling it the Triple Hearts Boulder due to the namesake graffiti.  Today I lucked out again the campsite was vacant- game on...  The question is- are these lost or found gems?

Triple Hearts Boulder - Love Triangle
Triple Hearts Boulder 
 Later I explored around and found tons of weird blown and split boulders from either the railroad some miners or both.  This split boulder still had some metal in the horizontal crack.

Eye of Horus Boulder

Flowers are starting to come out at the top of the pass as well.  All in all it was a nice day in the batholith.

Shooting Star



edejom said...

What campground/site? Wish you'd have called, looks cool--otoh, I found a small, tight, bitchen area close to Butte that you MUST check out. Killer stone with mucho variety in a compact place--Ladd style approach.

Of all of the Batholith stone, this place, "Herman's Hump" is an afternoon's worth of smiles :-)

Anonymous said...

Sorry about being incommunicado. It is a little difficult to find the Triple Hearts Boulder. It did take me years to find it even though it is in plain sight. You can park about 50 feet from it.

Herman's Hump sounds great where is that?