Friday, June 22, 2012

Odds - n - Ends

Thought I'd drop a quick post. Last weekend, Kalah and I met up with Hutch, Ladd, and Odenbeck to check out the Triple Hearts and head out to the Corner Project. The TH Boulder is classy, and tall! Patrick made very short work on his project, topping out first go! Nice! I messed around on the bottom part of it, but was 'saving it up' for the Corner project.

Right next to it is a wicked project that Ladd started starts of child sized monos to a huge lock off(for him) and finishes with a dyno to the lip, I can barely utilize the holds, thing is sick!

Ladd on his current project

We then headed out to the Corner Project....

stay in the works



edejom said...

That picture is so powerful to me that it is now the back drop for my screen :-)

Ty Gittins said...

great photo of lad...glad to see you guys are getting a lot done

Anonymous said...

It is easy to take pictures of an up an coming crusher!