Monday, January 7, 2013

In the Moonshine

Tom on Toblerone

Tom, Whitmore, Derrick and I all ventured back to the newly discovered area now dubbed "The Moonshine Boulders" again this weekend with some more pads and man power to give some of the taller gems a go.  The morning started in the single digits but soon warmed to the upper 20s- prime Montucky crimp crushing temps.

Whitmore sampling some Toblerone

After warming up we ventured over to "The Moonstone" to figure this awesome boulder out.  After some attempts of different variations we finally unlocked a killer highball 'Heavier than Heaven'.  Sorry no shots of the FA but you get the idea.

Whitmore feeling out the holds

The Moonstone is a sketchy techy dream

Tom then ventured down to a weird feature below The Moonstone a small opening in the ceiling between two boulders.  After multiple attempts he finally squeezed through this crazy small hole.  Oh yeah and he had to drop down to his onezie long johns to send the squeeze the "Breached Whale".  Sorry no photos of  that either.

Breached Whale 1st attempt
Hangin at the Two Bit


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veritascs said...

sweet, good to see the stoke in the cold!