Thursday, January 17, 2013

Organic Slider Pad Review

Almost a year ago I picked up the Slider Pad from Organic


First, all I can say is I wished I picked one up sooner!  This light 1" thick half sized pad slides easily into most standard (and all Organic) bouldering pads, with room to spare.  Over the last year I have found it very useful in various bouldering situations.

Slider Pad protecting the opening moves of a project in the Benchlands
It's been working great for sit starts, low starts, and is nice to have in scenarios where a full pad could be considered unnecessary but some protection would be helpful. This pad also excels with low balls, invert offwidths and other problems with 'dab potential'.  

Opting for a slider pad over a normal pad to avoid the dab potential...

The construction is bomber, as is the fabric. It has three handles which makes it easy to move and adjust. They can also be used to fix the pad in position if needed. It would be nice to see a fourth handle added, which would aid in would also create some nice options for attaching makeshift shoulder straps, in case you were thinking about taking the pad out solo on an ultralight circuit.

I've used it quite a bit as a 'luxury seat' for shoeing up... and the carpeted top is nice for wiping you feet, I was concerned it would pick up pine needles etc, but it hasn't seemed to be a debris magnet either...WIN!

Chasing Windmills, Slider Pad patching seams
It also works nice for 'patching' seams between pads and leveling out fact, every time I bring the Slider Pad with me, it sees usage.

Price-wise it's a great deal, clocking in at $30! The only sting is the shipping price, a bit high, but  fair considering it's a larger if you're thinking of picking one up, perhaps get one of your bouldering partners to get one at the same time, and save on shipping!

Overall, this is a great pad to pick up. After adding it to my bouldering kit, it became an often used item, and I've opted to take it with me every time since I've picked it up.

Bottom line: a solid additional pad for the arsenal.

Tom Kingsbury

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