Wednesday, May 8, 2013

A worthy find for sure...

Enter at your own risk
Tom, Kalah, Bowie and I ventured out on Saturday to investigate a spot that Tom had been thinking about checking out for quite awhile  The theme here is talus somewhat of a rarity in the Batholith.  This locale is loaded with it.  This place is daunting there is so much rock in here and lots of it is climbable.  We did a lot of scoping out and it was pretty obvious that our three measly pads would not be enough for most landings.  Here is just a very small sampling of what we found.

Talus... it goes like this for a long ways
Cool sit-start crack feature
Par for the course here

Crazy bear huggy thing

After walking through some of it we ended up on an upper bench with some great problems.

Star Kid Tech
Star Kid Tech
Bowie found an old shed.  So I stuck it into my fancy shed hunting backpack to fortify the belief in the motocross community that crash pads are super specialized shed hunting packs.

Batholith Shed Hunting Backpack (patent pending)

Oh yeah at the entrance to this area an amazing boulder with an awesomely difficult crack/seam.

Seam project

The aftermath
This area is huge and I feel it will take awhile to even get a handle on it.  There is a lot to be done here.


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