Thursday, May 30, 2013

Dernier cri

Yet another visit this past weekend to the Dryads yielded some more goodies.  Loni and I brought the Phoenix out - the Dryads proved to have some great camping.  Tom was able to dispatch of his leaning arete problem on the En Vogue Boulder I was able to send my little project even though the two main crimps blew up on separate attempts making it much harder, regardless- Dernier cri is a great problem.  Here are some shots of those problemos from a previous post   We then ventured  further down the trail and discovered some really interesting boulders.  One in particular had this weird feature that we could not figure out for the life of us how to even get established on.  After many permutations of foot beta we finally got something to stick and the Bavarian Bicycle was born.  As Tom figured out the move can be a real shin banger.

Bavarian Boulder - Bavarian Bicycle - Dryad Boulders

Bavarian Boulder - Bavarian Bicycle - Dryad Boulders
(foot beta)

Later on we took a walk and I was able to find a pretty face on another slope to the East.  So Pretty is a stellar warm-up problem.

So Pretty Boulder - So Pretty - Eastern Dryads

So Pretty Boulder - So Pretty - Eastern Dryads

Then the rains came so I focused on scoping some more stuff the next day.  There are tons of boulders there an easy walk from the parking area and some of them are monsters!  I will let the pictures speak for themselves.

der·nier cri 
The latest thing; the newest fashion.

[French : dernier, last, latest + cri, cry.]


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