Friday, June 7, 2013

Not so Dryads

Got out for a quick solo session in the Dryads on Sunday.  After looking at Hutch's photos from 2010 I tried to find the path that he took and find some of the blocks that he did that intrepid day.  I found many of them  and more... and then the rains came which seem to be the story this Spring in SW Montana.  I also found a leg trap that had been put under a boulder that I scoped over the last week.  Not cool!  Luckily the trap had already sprung before the dogs found it.  I guess is be careful out there especially if you have dogs with you.

I was able to climb some of the lower talus problems.  The rock is super good!  Tons of patinas and many variations possible.  No pictures of that though.  I did find a sweet crimp ladder on the upper bench.

Oreiades Boulder - Oreiades Ladder - Dryad Boulders
Here are some of the blocks I found.  You may recognize some of these from Hutch's shots from 2010.
Super awesome bomber patinas with an overhanging start!

Close up of the overhanging start to the above boulder (might need some cleaning though)
Tall crack line

Hands on the other side (same boulder as above)
Tall and wide on the left tall and thin on the right

Lotsa stuff

More weird stuff- Blade feature upper left in lighter rock is interesting

More train tracks

Pedestal with patinas

And more features

With some cleaning this could be epic and epically difficult

and more features

Backside of the Oreiades Boulder

Oh yeah and this overhanging offwidth that Hutch found years ago
Then the rains came and the Dryads were not so dry.


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