Thursday, June 27, 2013

Bathobouldering 101--Slabs

What is "classic" bouldering? In the Batholith, there are jillions of pebbles to play on, though they generally fall into 3 main categories: Steep/overhang problems, which nearly all boulderers would like to find and are hard to come by in BB region; Crack problems are plentiful around these parts, and are the "foundation" climb(s) to which to perfect crack technique; and lastly, the dreaded Slab problems... ...Everywhere. For this type of climb, I think that it has to encompass different types of moves to be the most enjoyable, and get repeated often by others. Gastons, high-steps, heel-toe matches, long reaches, and mantle top-outs all on the same "blank" stone are what go into making a true "Classic" for slab problems. Pure poetry in motion when they get had--here's two views of Ladd on a "Classic" boulder

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